Cat Cow



  • Start on all fours (tabletop position) with a neutral spine.
  • Begin the move by tilting your tailbone towards the sky to begin the “cat” portion of the move.
  • Begin to actively arch your back toward the ground, one segment/vertebrae at a time.
  • Imagine someone is pulling your spine toward the ground.
  • This is a slow and controlled movement.
  • Move like this until your back is fully arched.
  • Now we reverse the motion into “cow” pose. Move your spine in the opposite direction one segment at a time from the neck down to the lower back.
  • Imagine a string is pulling your spine toward the ceiling (like a puppet).
  • Once you reach the end of this movement your tailbone should be tucked.
  • Core muscle engaged the entire time.
  • Repeat 10cycles 2x/day.

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