Alexis Penner (RMT)

North Vancouver Massage Therapist, Alexis Penner (RMT) 

Alexis Penner Registered Massage Therapy


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North Vancouver massage therapist Alexis Penner offers registered massage therapy at Mountain Health & Performance clinic. She creates a foundation of relaxation and a strong mind-body connection, and strives to help bring the body back to its natural state of wellness.


“Looking at the body as a whole, I address areas of dysfunction, pain and injury through a variety of techniques, working within your comfort level, which include:”
  • Myofascial manipulation
  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • TMJ syndrome treatment
  • Relaxation/stress reduction massage therapy
  • Orthopedic technique
  • Manual stretching and massage therapy
  • Postural, mechanical and proprioceptive rehabilitation
” As someone who has experienced a multitude of injuries, from a serious car accident to repetitive stress injuries that come with living an active lifestyle, I have seen the benefits of massage therapy, and integrated home care. It is my intention to facilitate your growth to your most optimal, functional self.”


Outside of work, you can Alexis outside, usually in the mountains; whether it be hiking, trail running or mountain-biking.

Mountain Health & Performance is back open for non-urgent care as of May 19th 2020! We will be following COVID-19 guidelines in our clinic to ensure the safety of our therapists and patients. Please call 604-984-0014 to book or click on the "book an appointment" button to book online.