Kathryn McGarvey | C.A. and 2-time Golf Champion

I have been seeing Dr. Wiggins since May 1992. At that time, I was in a neck brace and had been told by my sports med doctor that I would be unable to play competitive golf for the rest of the year. Dr. Wiggins examined me and told me if I came in every day and sometimes twice a day, I would be back on the golf course in 2 weeks. He was wrong. I was delighted to be back on the golf course in 10 days!

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Colleen Gray-Hewett | Triathlon Champion

I formally ventured into the world of triathlon in 2008, beginning with sprint distance then quickly moving up to Olympic and then half-Ironman distance events. While training for my first half-Iron in 2010, a weekend training camp brought about what appeared to be a hip flexor issue that effectively disabled me from running with less than a month to the event. I was referred to Paul who promptly treated through chiropractic and ART methods. The race went well and I was quite amazed that treatment of this sort existed and was so effective.

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Courtney Burt | Ultra Marathon Runner

I have been running long distances for over six years, in and out of knee pain and injuries for about four of those years. Last year Dr.Wiggins was recommended to me from a fellow runner as I had such bad knee pain that I could hardly walk let alone run during my training for the Squamish 50 race. I had almost given up hope at this point because I had tried everything from physiotherapy, needling, massage and even seen other chiropractors but nothing anyone had done had ever helped me.

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Gary V | Tennis Player

After 4-5 sessions of ART my wrist went back to as close to 100% mobility as you can get, and the pain started to go away. Dr. Paul Wiggins and ART did what the OT and physio couldn’t. I would highly recommend this treatment and Dr. Paul Wiggins to anyone struggling with nagging injuries.

Lynn P | Patient

I started seeing Dr. Wiggins for help with a long-standing problem with my neck and shoulder. I am very happy with his success in treating this problem because he has relieved the pain and is advising me on stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Dr. Wiggins is skilled, professional and supportive, and because he listens to me and discusses my treatment in an easy to understand manner, I am an active partner in my healing process.

Gary R | Professional Ultra Runner

After two years of severe neck and back pain, I just came to terms with living with chronic pain issues. I had seen many professionals and gone as far as to have an MRI to attempt to deduce the root of my issues. Paul was confident from early on that he could “fix me” and his confidence gave me hope and allowed me to dedicate the necessary time to allow for a permanent solution to my issues. Eight weeks later and two years of misery were almost completely behind me. I owe Paul a huge debt of gratitude for solving a very complex issues and for giving me my full health back again.

Nicole C | Patient

After injuring myself in a fitness class, I was plagued with knee pain which became chronic over time. I went from leading an active lifestyle to one where I could barely go for a walk without experiencing pain. over the course of a few years, I became increasingly depressed and frustrated with my condition. I could no longer attend exercise class or even enjoy a hike with my dogs. I began to think I would have to live through the pain or endure surgery.

I went to see Dr. Wiggins and he offered me hope through ART. I was amazed at how quickly I felt an incredible difference in my physical condition. After only a few treatments, I was able to go for longer walks without pain. Soon afterwards, I was hiking again without feeling any pain. Now I am back doing the things I love. I am able to hike, jog, and attend fitness class like I used to. I no long suffer from knee pain!

I am so very grateful to Dr. Wiggins for giving me relief from knee pail and helping me return to an active lifestyle. His skillful and caring approach is unmatched and I highly recommend his treatments to everyone.

Kamille K | Patient

Over 10 years, I sought out chiropractic treatment to address chronic left shoulder pain. It only got worse as I saw different doctors, to the point where I had numbness and my left hand felt colder than my right hand. I eventually stopped hiking due to this.

I made an appointment and Paul asked me to describe my symptoms in detail. He made thorough notes and at the end, looked up at me and said “I know exactly what the trouble is, you have Thoratic Outlet Syndrome.” I remember it to this day because he was the first person to be able to tell me what I have been suffering for 10 years, and with that it gave me a great sense of hope for the near future. For the last few years, I’ve been consistently seeing Dr. Wiggins for my TOS and he has provided me with great relief from my pain, ability to use my arms more easily, and the knowledge that I have found a professional who was able to help me live a more active life.

I truly appreciate having found Dr. Paul Wiggins, and I thank him for all that he has done and continues to do for me.

Michelle C | Patient

Dr Wiggins has been treating me for the last two months for injury after a car accident, and has made every effort to get mobility back in my shoulders, neck and back in each appointment.

On my first visit, Paul explained absolutely everything about the services I would receive, how he works as a chiropractor, and what effects the treatment would have on me (including potential risks – as with any physical service). He takes the time to explain each action, what to expect, how to move, and what additional “homework” exercises I can do to add to the already stellar level of service I have received at his practice. On one occasion an appointment was passed to an associate who provided the same expert level of care and attention that I have come to expect from Paul.

The front desk team are always pleasant, accommodating to my appointment requests, and take the time to greet everyone and chat while waiting.

I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for relief from injury or for regular wellness adjustments in addition to regular health checkups and lifestyle activities.

Dr. Gary A. & Dr. Elaine W | Emergency Physician & Pathologist

We have known Dr. Paul Wiggins and used his services for the past 5 years and have always been impressed with our experiences. Paul is able to combine in-depth knowledge with a broad base of experience and excellent inter-personal skills to provide what we consider to be excellent quality care. We have no hesitation in recommending him to patients, friends and family.

Bea A | Active Retiree

I am 92 years young and have been receiving chiropractic care for nearly 60 years! I write to express my appreciation for the 25 years of service I have received from Dr. Wiggins. He has been readily available and patient, listened to my physical complaints and treated them when necessary. Now that I am in my senior years I have even more need for his continued care!

Bob Rasmus | Patient

I have been seeing Paul Wiggins for occasional chiropractic treatments for approximately 20 years. During that time, Paul has helped me to maintain a healthy back enabling me to continue playing golf on a regular basis.

Paul has not only adjusted alignment of my spine when on occasion it has gone out, he has provided me with helpful exercises and stretches to help keep me in shape. I have also on two occasions invited Paul to speak to groups about health and fitness. Paul is a very interesting presenter who provides valuable information from nutrition to stretching and exercise.

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