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Welcome to our North Shore Chiropractor and Massage therapy clinic Mountain Health and Performance! With 30 years of experience the Mountain Health & Performance team provides expert treatment for sports injuries and all other painful joint, muscle, tendon and nerve conditions. Visit our conditions page to learn more

Our Mission

Our mission at Mountain Health and Performance is to provide the highest quality in patient care by utilizing an individualized, holistic approach to health. The goal of our North Shore chiropractor clinic is to help alleviate pain as quickly as possible so that we can begin to optimize function. Our hands-on techniques decrease pain and promote healing but we also aim to maximize the movement capabilities of the body through advanced rehabilitation techniques. We work together with our patients as a team to help them achieve their life, fitness and performance goals.

Our Vision

We work together as a team to help our patients achieve the results they want. Our therapists are dedicated to providing the best quality in patient care by constantly expanding their skills and learning new techniques. Our North Shore chiropractors have experience treating a wide variety of athletes, and have worked in team based and one on one settings. Each chiropractor offers their own unique approach based on evidence and patient preference. 


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Mountain Health & Performance is back open for non-urgent care as of May 19th 2020! We will be following COVID-19 guidelines in our clinic to ensure the safety of our therapists and patients. Please call 604-984-0014 to book or click on the "book an appointment" button to book online.