Frog Stretch (Hip Adductors)


  • Get into the frog position (shown in the video).
  • Find a hip and foot width that is comfortable for your hips.
  • Sit your hips back towards your feet to increase the stretch.
  • Don’t push into any pinching in the hip joint.
  • You should only feel muscular tightness/stretching in the inner thigh/adductor area.
  • If you feel pinching in the hips, re-adjust your hip/foot width and/or depth.
  • Once you find a comfortable position, make sure your lower back maintains its natural curvature throughout the exercise.
  • From here stretch for 1-2 minutes passively.
  • If you want to add an active component now start to squeeze your thighs together into the ground gently, slowly building a contraction for 20 seconds.
  • Relax into more of a stretch then contract your hip ABductors muscles (muscles on the outside of your hips) to pull yourself deeper into the stretch and closer to the ground. Think about actively trying to pull your hips apart.
  • Repeat this cycle 2-3x.