About Us


Welcome to North Vancouver Chiropractor clinic  Mountain Health and Performance! After 27 years of practice in North Vancouver, 2014 was the year to establish a new name for the clinic. Our multidisciplinary clinic is conveniently located on Mountain Highway (at Main Street-one block west of the Second Narrows bridge) in North Vancouver. Since many of us live and play on the North Shore, Mountain Health and Performance was a natural fit.


About Us

Our North Vancouver chiropractor clinic includes treatment of neck pain, low back pain, sports-injuries and sciatica utilizing Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy and Active Release Technique (ART). Our highly experienced chiropractors and massage therapists will conduct a thorough history and exam, establish a diagnosis, provide a detailed report of clinical findings and plan of treatment.

We also work with and refer to a wide-variety of medical specialists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation professionals and other health practitioners in North Vancouver to provide continuity of care. All soft-tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) joint, bone or nervous system conditions will be thoroughly evaluated and treated as quickly and effectively as possible.

Once you are pain-free and healthy we will develop a preventative health care strategy custom-tailored for you; this may include rehab exercises, referral to yoga, pilates and/or a personal trainer in North Vancouver because we recognize the importance of the relationship between your total health and your ability to stay fit. We encourage all our patients to be as active as possible by participating in the sports and activities they enjoy.



Our mission at Mountain Health and Performance Chiropractor Clinic is to provide the North Vancouver community with the highest quality in patient care by utilizing an individualized, holistic approach to health-care. The chiropractic and massage therapy team is committed to working together to help our patients meet their health-care goals and realize their full mental and physical potential. Our goal is not only to alleviate pain but also to inspire and educate patients in their journey towards optimal health and performance.


Our Philosophy

Our goal is to deliver the best chiropractic care possible to every patient and to develop an open and effective doctor/patient relationship.  We care about your ability to be pain-free, fully mobile, active and to enjoy the benefits of a healthy nervous system. Our chiropractors and massage therapists practice with the highest standards of clinical care utilizing ‘hands on’ techniques to restore and maintain all of the joints, soft-tissues and nerves throughout the body.