Mountain Health & Performance at the PGA Tour Canada

Mountain Health and Performance Chiropractors Dr. Amy Wiggins and Dr. Matthew Wentzell had a great weekend treating the athletes at the PGA tour Canada, Freedom 55  Financial Open last week. They helped the golfers prepare with Active Release (ART), Functional Release (FR), stretching and adjusting. It was a great opportunity to help out the athletes and to see the common injuries many of them were dealing with. Tension and injuries involving the lower back and hips were very common with these athletes so many of the treatments were focussed on improving mobility in these areas.

At Mountain Health and Performance we utilize Selective Functional Movement Assessments (sFMA) and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) to assess mobility limitations in various athletes (golfers, soccer players, baseball players etc.) and then employ a wide variety of treatments to decrease pain, improve mobility and prevent injury.

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