Mountain Health & Performance in the community


Dr. Matt Wentzell had a great talk last week at the Hive Climbing Gym! He discussed the importance of optimizing hip function for climbers and provided a review of hip anatomy and injuries. At the end of the discussion he took the athletes through some hip opening drills to increase flexibility and strength in the hips.

It’s so important for climbers and all athletes to have flexibility AND strength through all of the joints of the body. A range of motion is not useful unless an athlete is able to generate power and strength in that range. Strong and mobile joints and tissues will be less prone to injuries and will recover more quickly from the stresses of training and competing.

Dr. Wentzell will be providing another talk Wednesday May.17th 6:30 pm @ the Hive Climbing gym. Even if you are not a climber this is a great talk to attend to learn more about the importance of hip mobility, which can be applied to all sports and activities. This is a free talk open to the community. Hope to see you there!