Kathryn McGarvey

I have been seeing Dr. Wiggins since May 1992. At that time, I was in a neck brace and had been told by my sports med doctor that I would be unable to play competitive golf for the rest of the year. Dr. Wiggins examined me and told me if I came in every day and sometimes twice a day, I would be back on the golf course in 2 weeks. He was wrong. I was delighted to be back on the golf course in 10 days!

Dr. Wiggins has been a real pleasure to work with. He is very professional in every way and has helped me with many issues over the 20 + years that I have been coming to see him. I especially appreciate his honesty in telling me when he cannot help me with an issue. Dr. Wiggins is very personable, competent, and caring. I have nothing but compliments about his ability and service.

Dr. Wiggins’ assistants, Cait and Kristin are absolutely terrific too and will do their best to accommodate appointment requests especially in a crisis situation. They are the best.

I have recommended Dr. Wiggins to some of my friends over the years all of whom have been successfully treated as well.

I feel very lucky to have Dr. Wiggins as my chiropractor over the years. He is a very important part of my team that looks after my well being and keeps me on the golf course where I belong.