Courtney Burt

My name is Courtney Burt and I am an Ultra Marathon Runner.

I have been running long distances for over six years, in and out of knee pain and injuries for about four of those years. Last year Dr.Wiggins was recommended to me from a fellow runner as I had such bad knee pain that I could hardly walk let alone run during my training for the Squamish 50 race. I had almost given up hope at this point because I had tried everything from physiotherapy, needling, massage and even seen other chiropractors but nothing anyone had done had ever helped me.

It has been just over a year now since I first met Dr. Wiggins and since I have met him I have completed many races including a 235km stage race in Costa Rica this past February. I can honestly say that without Dr. Wiggins, without his ART practice, I don’t know that I would be able to run at all. I have Dr. Wiggins to thank for always knowing what to do and for never giving up trying to find an answer.

What I appreciate from Dr. Wiggins is that he teaches me how and why I have a pain or how, why and where my muscle is tight. As a runner when you know your body from the inside out and its mechanics you will better understand how to take care of yourself and how to prevent injuries.

Thank you Dr. Wiggins for continuously helping me so I can continue to do what I love to do the most, run out side in the mountains, without pain or discouragement.