Felicia Deo

Dr. Felicia Deo BSc, ND Naturopath

I grew up within the lower mainland, spending majority of weekends on the North Shore mountains and the surrounding wilderness. Summer was filled with hiking and camping and winters were packed with training for the BC freestyle team. Along with competitive skiing, I played many other sports all throughout my years of education. Along with competing, I also coached for the Vancouver Freestyle club at both an entry and competitive level.

In 2011 I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor of science, specializing in cell and molecular biology, a minor in Kinesiology and a certification in health and fitness. With a passion for understanding the human body and a desire to empower and educate others, I started my second degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. In 2015 I graduated from CCNM as a Naturopathic doctor. I had the opportunity during clinical rounds, to work at Brampton Naturopathic teaching clinic at the Brampton Civic hospital as well as at a community health clinic working with those who were underprivileged. These shifts allowed for unique experiences with a population set that both inspired and challenged me. I was also chosen for the Sports medicine shift during clinical rotations, where my focus was more hands-on, including physical therapies, ultrasound, laser and intramuscular stimulation (IMS) acupuncture for pain management.

I believe strongly in empowering my patients to take control of their health by educating and supporting them with therapies that align with their health goals. My clinical toolbox is comprised of various therapies and modalities used in combinations that suite the individual. Such therapies include; supplement support, diet and nutrition counseling, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture (both TCM and IMS), and botanical medicine…

I enjoy spending time hiking all that beautiful BC has to offer. Staying active and in touch with nature has a huge influence on my life and therefore I enjoy taking advantage of all our seasons. I also enjoy crafting and DIY’ing to satisfy the artsy side of myself.