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Mountain Health & Performance in the community

Dr. Matt Wentzell spent last weekend helping out at the women’s U14 West Volleyball Nationals at the Tradex- Fraser Valley Trade & Convention Centre. The 2017 National Championships is being hosted from coast to coast with nine events across eight cities in Canada. This year more than 900 teams are competing for the title of National […]

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Mountain Health & Performance in the community

Dr. Matt Wentzell had a great talk last week at the Hive Climbing Gym! He discussed the importance of optimizing hip function for climbers and provided a review of hip anatomy and injuries. At the end of the discussion he took the athletes through some hip opening drills to increase flexibility and strength in the […]

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Mountain Health & Performance at the PGA Tour Canada

Mountain Health and Performance Chiropractors Dr. Amy Wiggins and Dr. Matthew Wentzell had a great weekend treating the athletes at the PGA tour Canada, Freedom 55  Financial Open last week. They helped the golfers prepare with Active Release (ART), Functional Release (FR), stretching and adjusting. It was a great opportunity to help out the athletes and to see the common […]

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Movement is Medicine: Part II

  This picture (taken from the book Move Your DNA) is a great representation of the relative importance of exercise vs. movement. Though exercise is undoubtedly an important part of a healthy life, there are many movements that we may not consider exercise that are essential for the overall health of the body. This is […]

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Time, Exercise and Investing in Your Future

  Exercise prescription is always a component of the treatment that I provide at Mountain Health and Performance. The correct rehabilitative exercises will address biomechanical faults like weakness, imbalance and tension. These exercises will also improve the health of the tissues and joints and are critical for the successful management of injury and pain. Outside […]

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Pain & Injury: Part I

This following post is inspired by a great seminar that I took last year called Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) run by Dr. Andreo Spina. I not only learned some great new techniques but the course also gave me perspective on how the human body responds to injury and subsequent treatment (soft-tissue therapy, stretching, exercise) on […]

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RICE: The End of an Era?

  The RICE method has become commonplace in classroom teachings and the textbooks of sports medicine and first aid practitioners. The origins of this acronym are beyond me, but currently most health professionals and the general public carry out the RICE principles when faced with a sudden injury – regardless of what the injury may […]

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Rest vs. Recovery

  “So, any plans for the long weekend?” “Now that my back is acting up, nope! I’m just going to take it easy until this back pain goes away.” This dialogue loosely resembles part of a conversation I had with a patient last month, but it’s one I’ve had many times in clinical practice. At […]

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Predictors of Injury

In the worlds of mainstream and alternative medicine, there are things called predictors of disease and predictors of injury.  Health professionals have been made aware of these predictors through hundreds, possibly thousands of epidemiological  studies  over the last several decades. These predictors do not guarantee that the disease or injury will occur. They simply provide […]

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Movement is Medicine

Throughout my academic and professional career, I’ve heard the catch phrase “wear and tear” countless times in reference to the most common form of bone and joint degeneration; osteoarthritis. I’ve overheard and been a part of conversations where, in the context of x-ray findings of osteoarthritis, patients and health professionals alike attempt to draw the […]

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